In 2003, the German designer Werner Aisslinger developed a visionary concept of living with the invention of the «Loftcube» to recover low priced living space in cities.

Josef Innerhofer, a businessman and hotelier from South Tirol met the German designer at a conference of the Institute for the Future in Frankfurt.

There he told him about his latest project: a kind of futuristic mobile home without wheel which he had developed in response to the shortage of low priced living space in urban regions. Mr. Innerhofer then decided to take a deeper look into the «Loftcube» as Mr. Aisslinger called his innovative «concept of living». Mr. Innerhofer went to Berlin to examine the prototype which was installed on the flat roof of a high-rise building, and he was instantly impressed by the Loftcube.

Werner Aisslinger’s invention was simple and impressive at the same time: Build a simple and convenient cube home, put it on unused premises, add power supply and water connections, and move in – that’s your loft, which can also be fully built back a few years later.