Building Services Engenieering

The Fincube is heated with an efficient electrical storage heater. The four heating modules are integrated directly into the ceiling and are characterized by their high heat store capacity. The innovative CaladiaTM heating system from Austria is based on radiant heat which permeates the air nearly lossless and generates heat only when hitting solid forms. The primary energy demand is under 130 kWh/m² and thus meets the requirements for low energy building design. According to the location and climatic conditions, the Fincube can be equipped with an air-conditioning system.

A sophisticated lighting system was especially important in the development of the Fincubes. Interior lighting is mainly provided by LED band lighting which is integrated into the ceiling. LED lighting is mainly featured by its extremely low energy demand and long-life cycle.

Bus system
The Fincube is equipped with an intelligent bus system by BerkerTM that connects all electrical devices via a control lead. Therefore several devices can be controlled at the same time. Lightening, heating sun blinds or alarm system can be operated with only one control display. If required, the functions or status are also available via iPhone.

Photovoltaic system
The flat roof of the Fincube can either be greened or equipped with a photovoltaic system. According to the geographic position and size of the system, the energy demand of the Fincube can be covered by the photovoltaic system.

Electrical devices
Electrical installation devices by Neff are installed in the Fincube. If required, devices by other producers can also be applied