The Fincube can be ordered with or without furnishings. If furnishings are requested, it will be planned in cooperation with the customer. Here you can choose between the standard and the premium model.

Both models are based on the same room layout and interior furnishings can be adjusted to intended purpose and individual requirements. The two models differ in the materials used and technical features.


Fincube without interior furnishings

This model of Fincube will be delivered turnkey to the customer (floor covering and ceiling lining, all connections and technique, bathrooms). According to its intended purpose, the customer designs his own Fincube and chooses his desired interior fitting.


Fincube with interior "standard"

The standard Fincube is a fully equipped living unit with kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom. All furniture and fittings are made to order and meet the highest quality requirements. Everything is included – from high-quality installation devices to lighting, and even curtains are available.


Fincube with interior "premium"

This Fincube model differs from the standard model by its unlimited quality, technique, and luxury. Special accessories and technical features make the Fincube Premium a high-end version.